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Marc Allen is a best selling author with a wonderful new book, "The Greatest Secret of All". It provides a step by step process for creating success that we can all use. Just wishing is not enough. We also have to walk our talk. This is a terrific guidebook for that. My interview with him gets in to the details of following our dreams to fulfillment. You'll want to listen to this interview.

There are some ways to understand the nature of our changing times and the Human Design System each year gives us a chart of what to expect. Analysts Gina Concotelli and myself look at the chart for this coming year and explain its meanings. You'll be intrigued by its pronouncements. Be sure to tune it.

Our brains seem to have a lot to say to us and it isn't always pretty. Best selling author, Dr. Brian Alman, has written a new book entitled "The Voice - Overcome negative self-talk and Discover Your Inner Wisdom". His book is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with your inner voice. It's full of exercises that create clarity and help you see yourself from an objective and loving place. You'll be inspired by this interview.

We are living in a time that seems like we're not such a wise culture after much violence, fundamentalism and economic limitation. When might there have been times of greater hope and opportunity? The Renaissance was born at a time when the past hadn't worked and all knew that they needed new. Actually, they drew a lot from Greek and Roman times and re-invented them. A wonderful book about this "Outer Beauty Inner Joy, contemplating the Soul of the Renaissance" has been written by Julianne Davidow who is the guest on this show.

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