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Bite Them Back

This is not about turkeys although you might be one in this case. We're talking about dealing with the personal vampires in your life. After reading "Biting Back" I realized how many vampires I've let into my life over the years. This book offers wonderful strategies to deal with them including vampires other than people (i.e. substances or habits). I'm interviewing Claudia Cunningham who wrote this wonderfully written book that is so helpful and absorbing.

Quick and Effective Healing

I'm interviewing Barry Gordon about powerful, easy and effective techniques to transform pain and stress. Barry is a teacher of both Be Set Free Fast and the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono. We can all use handy tools to quickly move past our blocks. We will also be talking about the larger planetary blocks that seem to be impeding out future.

Who Might You Not Be?

I'm interviewing Peter Ralston, the author of "The Book of Not Knowing". In reading Peter's book, I must have earmarked more than 40 pages of brilliant insights about our need to create identities and illusions to make our way on this planet. If we can get to that place of releasing our constructs about ourselves and even the way we think and live then we can create more freedom of choice. A lot of our survival mechanisms interfere with our clarity. This show gets in to the deeper aspects of reality that opens up new opportunities. Be sure to tune in.

5 Wishes

Gay Hendricks has written many best sellers including his recent book "5 Wishes". It's an inspiring story of uncovering the missing links in our lives and creating the intention to resolve them. This interview with him looks at how finding his 5 wishes has changed his life. The book is a great tool for all of us to identify and transform areas where we feel incomplete.

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