There are so many opinions about vaccines and very few are based on fact.

Vaccines have become a giant health and political issue and the medical establishment would have us believe they are safe and valuable.  Then why are they being questioned?

Many people, and especially children, have apparently had very adverse reactions to vaccines and doctors don't seem to take those into account as they promote more and more of them.  They often say that the reactions weren't due to the vaccines. Some politicians even want to make them mandatory for everyone and certainly they are so for children in many states.
What aren't they telling us and what is it that they themselves might not even know about vaccines?
The public needs more true answers and it looks like the medical profession needs to learn more about what they are selling.
I've found a doctor, Suzanne Humphries, who has spent years doing deep research about vaccines due to adverse affects she had seen among her patients. She wasn't getting the answers she was asking for so she decided to uncover her own and has changed her life to do so.
This is a very important interview as her discoveries will help us understand the choices we are facing in our country.  Don't miss this because you might have to make personal decisions about your own health.

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