7bd59dea-cc61-420c-9783-49969d51a717All matter is vibrating and we can fine tune these vibrations for health.

Our bodies are symphonies of subtle sounds that vibrate differently in each of us.  There are instruments that can identify them and we each have particular notes that are strongest, some that are weakest and some that are missing.  It can be shown that we have some discordant frequencies that need to be shifted to be in correct harmony for health.
Eileen Day McKusick has written the book, "Tuning the Human Biofield" and she is an expert about working with tuning forks.  She actually uses them so much she wears them out and she'll explain how that happens during the interview.
The tuning forks actually speak back to her during her sessions and help her know what is happening. It's a very sophisticated and useful modality.
If you love healing sounds as much as I do, you'll want to hear what Eileen knows.  We'll even run some vibes during the show.  Be sure to tune in.

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