This interview was pre-recorded before the recent suicide of Robin Williams so we aren't addressing his plight or the nature of suicide.  Many people think it's always a ticket to be reborn into a similar struggle. That might not always be so as we can be overcome by chemical imbalances that override our clear choices and we might have done so much good in the world that we can be more easily forgiven.
Roberta Grimes has long studied and been directly involved with the death process and the afterlife. She believes that soon before we die, when it's been a deterioration, that we can be given light-filled moments to lift our spirits and also be visited by loved ones who help us prepare to go and move on.
Roberta has written a number of books and is promoting her new one with a challenging title, "The Fun of Dying".  Wouldn't we all love that!  Tune in to find out how we can make that more of a reality.

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