Can one supplement hold 15,000 micronutrients? - Energy Stew interview with Roland Thomas
So many people are looking for a multi-vitamin so they can rely on one product to do it all. It's hard to find the right one and you certainly want one that's a whole food.
I've been taking one every day for many years and have never found a decent replacement. It's amazing how comprehensive it is. This includes vitamins, minerals and essential fats. I was just reading at that its oils are more valuable than fish oils.
I'm talking about a hybrid algae (4 different algaes) that's grown in a high tech laboratory in Siberia. 
My guest for this show is Roland Thomas, the owner of, who works with the Russian scientist who developed this hybrid. Roland, a naturapathic doctor, has incredible knowledge about the power and value this combination of algaes offer.
This weekend is the New Life Expo in NYC where I'll be giving a talk about intuition on Saturday afternoon at 4. Roland will also be there with an algae booth, Bioage, and giving talks too.



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